Facial Cleansing Brush
Facial Cleansing Brush
Facial Cleansing Brush
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Facial Cleansing Brush

This Facial Cleansing Brush helps deep clean pores and exfoliates dead skin. Ultrasonic Vibration Technology ensures that your skin is thoroughly but gently cleansed without any excess tugging or pulling. 

How to use?

If you have makeup on your face, use the makeup remover first and then use it!

1 - Moisten your face with clean water and evenly apply facial cleanser on your face.

2 - Press button for 1 second to turn on the device. If it's your first time to use, you can select the operation mode by pressing the button continuously. There are 4 operation modes to choose.

3 - To use, massage your face using circular motions. Pay attention to areas where pores are easily blocked, such as T zones. chin, corners or eyes, nose mouth, etc. The recommended cleansing time is 90 seconds. 

4 - Wash and dry your face with warm water after cleansing.

5 - Rinse the product directly. Gently wipe the fuselage surface with a clean cloth and place it on the base.