Onion Remedy Hair & Root Revival System
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Onion Remedy Hair & Root Revival System

STRENGTHENING SHAMPOO: Our secret to hair growth begins with a bulb of the onion. Onion contains powerful antibacterial and antioxidant properties, which revitalizes hair and stimulates accelerated growth. Combined with the rejuvenating extracts of imported lavender and rosemary, plus our premium, breakthrough sulfate-free base, this fusion of science and nature is designed to support strong, healthy hair that continues to grow

REJUVENATING CONDITIONER: Through the science of hydrolysis, collagen and keratin proteins are broken down to a size that can best penetrate the hair shaft, strengthening hair from the inside. When merged with the antioxidant properties of onion, plus time-honored, rejuvenating olive and grapeseed oils, the result is a nutrient-rich formula that helps thicken and revitalize hair

FOLLICLE-STIMULATING CONCENTRATE: The power of onion is just a start in this carefully crafted serum. Our solution contains a potent mineral-amino complex specially formulated to replenish roots and stimulate the scalp. Enhanced with nutrient-rich soy and yeast extracts, well regarded in various cultures across the globe, each drop ensures the scalp stays healthy so follicles remain strong. A full-bodied blend to help revive thinning hair and prevent hair loss